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Who We Are

Awodi Drumming is a drum and education business that utilizes indigenous West African and African American music to promote education, team bonding, organizational development, and
research-based therapy.





Awodi Drumming offers a variety of speaking packages. We provide programs around diversity inclusion, Black history, multicultural music education, and organizational development.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion


There are many sources for trainers in Diversity and Equity. However, Awodi Drumming adds an interactive musical component so that employers can offer their workforce dynamic and effective training and lecture on diversit,equity and inclusion.


I think without a doubt, that this program can work with any culture or ethnic group. Mr Byrd is a dynamic drummer and has very good command of his audience. This program is interactive and teaches storytelling. I would recommend this drumming program to any group that wants diversity in their communities, We are planning future endeavors with Mr. Byrd in an effort to bring Native and African culture for a cultural exchange. I wish him the best on his new journey.

Kevin Moore

Program Manager, Nisqually Youth

Please accept this letter in support of the Awodi Drumming program. Awodi Drumming through its founder Javoen Byrd provides an African drum, dance and cultural education
program to engage youth in therapeutic drum circles and psychosocial development. Mr. Byrd has provided drum education over the past year to Naselle Youth Camp’s youth and young adults and offered creative opportunities during COVID restrictions. The young men thoroughly enjoy Mr. Byrd’s process of promoting self-reflection through drumming and storytelling. They are able to understand how to apply musical therapy skills towards their lives outside of incarceration. Some of their comments include, “he teaches us to be in harmony and that everything is not always a competition”. “I want to keep drumming when I get out because it keeps me positive”. “I wish we could drum more with Mr. Byrd. His time here is too short”. We strongly support the continuation of these services at Juvenile Rehabilitation Institution, Naselle Youth Camp.
Harvey Perez

Director of Institution Programs, State Of Washington Department of Children, Youth, and Families

Family Education and Support Services was honored to welcome Awodi Drumming to our annual staff meeting in 2019.  Our 30 member nonprofit employees still use the lessons learned from that day about “recognizing the beat of others”, and  “staying in pace with the group”.  That event was so impactful I have employees asking me annually about repeating the experience. The presentation was fun, and meaningful to employees of all ages and abilities.  Many spoke about feeling the pressures of home/work balance, vicarious trauma and the pain they see in those they serve, as well as feeling the weight of social discord across our nation.  Awodi Drumming brought us together, allowed us to speak a universal language of drumming, fed our soul and brought us together.
Family Education and Support Services